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How is Seidel Schroeder different?

Real estate investors know that the best investment on Earth is Earth. Another wise investment is knowledge on how to make that Earth work for you and provide tax benefits while doing so. Seidel Schroeder is positioned among the heart of real estate growth in the Brazos Valley and Greater Houston areas. As such, we have a strong concentration of and passion for advising clients in the real estate business. Whether you hold a single property or a real estate empire, we will help you bring the pieces together into a strategy that gives you savings, flexibility and asset protection.


Our Clients Include 

  • Real Estate Agents, brokers and professionals
  • Regional Homebuilders
  • Single-Family Properties
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Commercial and Retail Properties
  • Qualified Opportunity Funds
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Real Estate Practice Leaders

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George McCoy


Arty Brieden
Managing Partner